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What else can I say about our nations capital other than just go see it. The journey around our nations capital is amazing. On one end there is the Capital where our legislative makes policy and performs their role as leaders in our democracy. On the other is the Lincoln Memorial made of all stone. All together the walk is 3 miles from end to end. If your from Texas or Arizona where the temperature is 100 degrees then the walk shouldn’t be to bad for you. In fact despite the humidity this is way better than being in Phoenix where it’s 100 degree weather all summer long. 

To see our nation’s government at its core should be a trip every American born citizen should take. Many foreigners go the capital every day. As I walked up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial there were people from all over the world visiting the sites. As a matter of fact I should not assume that they are foreigners, for all I know they are first generation Americans or new patriots. 

Make sure to take lots of pictures and then move it along! 

Walking back to the Washing Monument you will get this glorious view, and make sure to take a detour northeast of the Lincoln Memorial to see the White House. To get to the front gate make sure to enter from the west or east entrance of Pennsylvania Ave. because if you enter from the park there is a fence you can’t climb over. Expect lots of people to be taking pictures especially for this center shot of the White House. 

If you ever see them across the country it’s because they are great athletic performers and funny to interact with. 2 Steps Away NYC are group of athletes that break dance, freestyle and do some circus type acts. if you see them on the street, show them a little love, and throw them some cash. 


I highly recommend going to this event at the National Gallery of Garden and Sculpture Art while it lasts. There are tons of people enjoying the company of friends and family, drinking sangria, and eating bbq. In addition this is a great place for a day date and listen to jazz, or you can meet some young adults and have a good time. 

Look at all these amazing sites to see in Washington DC. There is no reason not to come and visit our nations capital. In New York, Manhattan  the buildings are of course larger than life, however the structures in DC are wonderful. The architecture is absolutely amazing because the building material is made up of all marble, stone, or granite. It is hand carved to perfection complete with Roman columns and flourished gardens. 

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